BMW Z4M Carbon Front Lip

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Skyer's NEW BMW Z4M Carbon Front Lip

This took many months of R&D, 3 rounds of design polls from our fans and 3 molds were made to finally have this bespoke carbon front lip for the Z4M.

There isn't another carbon lip like this on the market.

The only other option that has this kind of fitment and craftsmanship is the Varis carbon lip, which is available to order with 6-8 month lead time and at MSRP US$1,150 + at least $200 shipping from Japan. SEE picture below!

Skyer's NEW Z4M carbon front lip

- Custom Hand-Made
- No drilling
- Fully reversible
- Use factory screw locations
- Can be installed/uninstalled in 15 mins
- No adjustment, alignment need it. Just clip it on and re-install 4 screws from the factory locations


Price Details:
- MSRP $557
- USA./Canada $175 (Premium express air)
- UK/ConEuro $155 (Premium express air)

Delivery ETA
- SPRING 2021
NO RSVP & it's first come first serve!

Delivery ETA Spring 2021