BMW Z4M Carbon Diffuser

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Skyer's NEW Z4M Carbon Diffuser

Our long awaited final major body piece is here.  It’s been a tough project that started back in late 2019.

At least 10 iterations, various prototyping, failed concepts, failed molds.

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This is one of the most difficult pieces we developed so far. Lots of small pieces, creases, angles that needs to be hand-polished separately.

Each piece is HAND-MADE and Hand Polished.

Pandemic, Staff shortage, surging pricing of carbon fiber raw material (30% this year) and lots of difficulties during these times.

But we made it and did it

This is the ONLY carbon Z4M diffuser that’s available on the market that have

  • Center bumper piece full carbon coverage

  • No bumper cutting required

  • Fully reversible

  • Exhaust opening surrounds in carbon

  • Side diffuser blades integrated

We almost moved on to other projects that’s simpler but we’re glad that we didn’t.

The Z4M diffuser is now a reality.

Similar products from other manufacturers are more than $1,000 and 4-6 month wait time.

Grab yours before it's SOLD OUT again!



Due to the size/length of this product, shipping is between $100-$150 world-wide

Disclaimer: All factory bumpers are slightly different due to the ABS material in nature and the AGE of our car.

Some adjustments might be needed if a PERFECT fitment/alignment is desired.

ALL auto body parts will not fit 100% perfectly without adjustment, even OEM parts. There might be seams visible and gaps.

Please seek *** Professional AFTERMARKET installer *** if you're not comfortable/experienced to modify and install yourself.