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Skyer Motorsport

Skyer BMW Z4 Carbon E86 Coupe Spoiler (2003-08)


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Highly Anticipated Z4 Coupe Spoilers!

This Coupe Spoiler incorporated our Skyer Community's input into our product design. 

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  • We first started with various existing designs on many different vehicles.
  • We created a poll to see what the Z4 coupe owners want.
  • We use their input and render different choices for them to vote on the final design.
After taking lots of suggestions, many renderings, and some voting, the Skyer Coupe Spoiler prototype was formed.

This Carbon spoiler is SOLD OUT most of the time.

We constantly get requests to do production runs!

Only a couple of production runs per year!

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Grab yours now, DON'T Miss OUT

This is custom-made for your car.

Ships In 2-4 Weeks

(Very Limited Quantity)


..If this is SOLD OUT, please contact us, we can put you on the waiting list..


Disclaimer: All factory parts are slightly different due to the ABS/Plastic material in nature and the AGE of our car.

Some adjustments might be needed if a PERFECT fitment/alignment is desired.

ALL auto body parts will not fit 100% perfectly without adjustment, even OEM parts. There might be seams visible and gaps.

Please seek *** Professional AFTERMARKET installer *** if you're not comfortable/experienced in modifying and installing yourself.