Z4 3D Carbon Side Blades

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This Skyer community-designed Side Blades are contributed by working with many Z4 members at ZPost.com.

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With their comments, votes and feedback, collectively we have designed this set of Side Blades that's sold out every group buy.
This is a Z4 fans requested production run.

Even when the raw material of carbon fiber has increased 30% from last year and shipping cost is 3X versus last year,
We are NOT increasing pricing nor shipping.
This product will remain group request ONLY.
Get yours while we're scheduling this production run
ETA 6-8 weeks

Please NOTE:

Due to the extra length of these Side Skirt Blades (6+ ft), we ONLY use Express Air Shipping to ensure fast and safe delivery.  (Especially during COVID-19)

Additional shipping cost is to be expected. (~$140 dependent on countries)

We do not risk using Economy Shipping for these 3D Carbon Side Blades

So this exclusive, high demand, sold-out carbon side blades are available again!

This final design has been voted by the forum members to be the most desirable out of the 5 other designs.

Skyer provided design illustrations in 3D rendering for our members to vote on the products that we'll produce.
This is giving our Skyer community involved in our design phase and we produce a product that you, as our member, designed and proud to sport a product that you collectively envisioned.

Will Fit All The Following:

  • Year: All 2003-2008 Z4 
  • Engine: 2.5, 3.0, 3.0si, 3.2 M
  • Body: Roadster or Coupe

Our Carbon Side Skirt Blades spec:

  • 2x2 Twill
  • Skyer thick premium grade Prepreg Carbon Fiber
  • UV Protection Coating
  • Inboard/Outboard Adjust ability with slotted holes pre-drilled
  • 1/2" Carbon Rolled Edge Finishing
  • Shape designed not to be stepped on when exiting the car

    Disclaimer: All factory parts are slightly different due to the ABS/Plastic material in nature and the AGE of our car.

    Some adjustments might be needed if a PERFECT fitment/alignment is desired.

    ALL auto body parts will not fit 100% perfectly without adjustment, even OEM parts. There might be seams visible and gaps.

    Please seek *** Professional AFTERMARKET installer *** if you're not comfortable/experienced to modify and install yourself.