BMW Z4 Carbon E86 Coupe Spoiler (2003-08)

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Our Highly Anticipated Z4 Coupe Spoilers!

Our manufacturing facility is running at full capacity until Christmas season.
With our up and coming products, R&D and projects with other brands.

No Production Until May 2020

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This Coupe Spoiler was our first product which we incorporated our Skyer Community's input into our product design. 

  • We first started with various existing designs on many different vehicles.
  • We created a poll to see what the Z4 coupe owners want.
  • We use their input and render different choices for them to vote one.
After taking lots of suggestions, many renderings and some voting, the Skyer Coupe Spoiler prototype was formed.

Utilizing Skyer's attention to details, superior quality control, premium carbon fiber material and top notch finishing, this Carbon spoiler is now a reality.

It was an instant hit with the Z4 coupe owners. We constantly get requests to do production runs for this piece.
We now have very limited stock from our last group buy available. We only do production runs a couple times a year!
This is a custom-made for your car. It'll take 2-4 week for delivery.

See reviews from our customers on the front page.

4 left in stock

No Production Until May 2020

(Limited Quantity)